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University Of California (UCSC)

Carol G. Johnson

To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow this correspondence to serve as a letter of recommendation for Mr. Emre Barlas and his new company EducaWorld.

I have been working closely with Mr. Barlas for the past several years while he was working in one of the Studying Abroad Consultancy firms. I have found him to be very competent, responsive, well informed about U.S. Immigration regulations and international education, overall. Mr. Barlas is very familiar with all the University of California campuses and the different programs that are offered, so if you are interested in studying in California, he can help you find the right school for your academic needs or personal preference. The application documentation I have received from Emre has always been complete and accurate and he is very responsive if there is ever any questions or additional information needed from his clients. One of the students that Emre referred to our program last year, Mert Akalin, became our “Student of the Month” with his picture on our Web site, because of the exciting Human Resource Management internship he had at the Santa Cruz City Hall and the Santa Cruz County Offices. Because of our great business relationship, I worked very hard to find a good internship position for his client. I really enjoy working with Emre and look forward to seeing the great success he will have with the new company, EducaWorld.

Best regards,
Carol G. Johnson
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
English Language and International Programs
Tel (831) 427-6697

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