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April 23, 2002

Dear Sir or Madam:

The focus of my undergraduate and graduate training thus far has been Management and business administration. I have also done practical work in the area of financial stock assessment. My particular interests in a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree program are studying ethical, governmental and finacial factors in management of a small corporation. Because few people have an academic background in this area, there is a great demand for specialists in this particular field in my country.

Specifically, I would like to pursue an active research program that inspects the interrelationships between small busineses and their environmental factors and between the growth and development of small-scaled organizations when they ready to joing with a merger group. Also, I have a keen interest in merger dynamics and designing infrastructure for the small organizations. Having said this, the study of Business management and its environmental factors will expose me to new and advanced technologies in these particular fields. My foremost objective is to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Having received my B.BA. and an M.BA.in Business Management Science (specialty: Environmental and financial factors effecting small business) with honors from ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY, Turkey, and studying English at the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO gives me the level of confidence to believe that I can pursue and complete the Ph.D program at UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES.

My confidence stems from my having completed several projects throughout my academic years at ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY. Although the program at ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY is competitive with any university in Turkey, the university did not offer me the training in the latest break throughs in Management Science. I am especially interested in studying under the tutelage of the scholars at UCLA. With the strong theoretical and academic foundation plus the caliber of your faculty, UCLA offers the academic program I would like to pursue.

After completing my entire academic career I hope to conduct research and teach at a university. I would like to be in a position to offer the technology and the forward thinking ideas that I can receive from UCLA to others who have a passion for Management Science. A degree from UCLA will not only allow me to do this, it will allow me to further open the doors of science to others.

I would be happy to provide any further information, or, recommendations for your evaluation of my candidacy. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Yours,

Okul Arama

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